Jessi Lawson


Jessi Lawson- born in the Twin Cities but spent the later half of her youth in Southern California. She attended the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, Ca and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, studying Fine Art and Illustration. During this time she actively participated in showing her work among the lowbrow art scene in galleries worldwide. Her oil paintings have been featured in several articles and publications. In 2006 Jessi began tattooing full time. She has lived and worked across the country gaining experience from a number of shops. Jessi resides in Minneapolis with her fiance of 16 years and their 2 children. She spends most of her time tattooing and painting along with other projects sparked by random inspiration. Jessi can be found at Leviticus on Tuesday thru Friday. She works by appointment only and is currently scheduling roughly 6 months in advance. Working in color, black and grey, and etched linework styles, Her focus is to continue to evolve her tattoos. Combining nature, animal and folktale like illustrations with traditional tattoo elements, she strives to push the quality and detail with every opportunity.