Microblading Information

Before Your Appointment

General Information

Wax your brows 1-3 days before your initial appointment.

Previously microbladed or tattooed eyebrows must have a consultation prior to scheduling an appointment.

stop use and wait for the following:

Retinols: 1 week before treatment

Botox: 1 months before treatment

Acutane: 1year after final dose

Chemotherapy: 1 year after last treatment and MUST consult with your physician

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo. A six week touch up is mandatory for the final outcome of the brow shape and color. After the touch up session, brows should last one to two years depending on skin type and lifestyle.

The best candidates for eyebrow microblading and shading will have normal to dry or slightly oily skin.

Very oily skin with large pores typically results in a more varied outcome with greater possibility of blurring of hair strokes and/or more loss of pigment.

Very thin or hypersensitive skin will often bleed more than normal skin types. This often results in more blurring of hair strokes and loss of pigment.

Brows are sisters not twins!

No two sides of your face are exactly the same. Makenzie will do her very best to correct any inconsistencies and enhance your natural brow, however, complete perfection is not possible.

Initial Microblading and Manual Shading Appointment


Second/Touch up Appointment




Beauty Mark






Microblading aftercare

Starting the night of your treatment wash gently with your fingertips in small circular motions with a very mild, unscented soap such as Aveeno or Cetaphil. Do not use washcloths, and pat dry with a paper towel after washing. Continue this for two weeks.

Apply a very thin layer of provided aftercare gel or aquaphor to freshly washed area 2-3 times per day

For the next seven days, avoid saunas, steam rooms, sun exposure, facials, intense workouts (excessive sweating), sunscreen and makeup on the area. You may wear a hat to reduce sun exposure.

After 7 days, you may use sunscreen. It is important to protect your permanent cosmetics from excessive exposure to the sun as it will lead to extreme fading.

For the next thirty days avoid creams with regeneration factors, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, light therapy and lasers.


Can my friend(s) watch / hold my hand?

You are welcome to bring a friend along, however, they will not be able to watch the process or sit with you. We recommend refraining from bringing friends, but it is up to you. We will ask they stay in the lobby and do not come back to the procedure area.   

How long does the process take?

Both the the initial appointment and touch up can be between 1-2 hours for microblading. Beauty marks are fairly quick and freckles range from 30 mins to 2 hours.

Can we take pictures / video?

We request you refrain from taking videos. Photos are allowed at the artist’s discretion. Please ask before taking photos.

do i need a touch-up appointment?

Touch up’s are necessary for microblading as the first session will often fade 50 to 70% during the healing process. The touch up session allows the artist to make sure the brow is the right shape, color, and add more strokes to make them look natural.

With freckles and beauty marks, the touch up is not essential and would be considered a second session.