About Us

We take pride in our shop, however that pride does not translate into arrogance. This can be seen in all that we do. We welcome and accept all kinds of people.The peaceful, creative, laid back environment provided by Leviticus can only be truly experienced in person.

The eclectic art from all around the world, giant masks, esoteric oddities, statues and antiquities that adorn the walls and display cases contribute to one feeling as if they’ve entered a Buddhist temple / Art museum. 

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Professional & Proficient

Within this historic environment we always practice state of the art sterilization and one time use tattoo and piercing supplies for our clients. All of our equipment is proficiently maintained and tested by an outside laboratory on a monthly basis.


Art Gallery

Leviticus hosts an art gallery exhibiting new paintings, prints and other artwork that change frequently to keep things interesting.


Koi Pond

The Japanese Koi pond that graces the lobby and flows into the tattoo area is the favorite feature for many of our visitors. It is a soothing distraction to have so many beautiful things to look at while waiting or while getting tattooed.