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Leviticus is open every day of the week from 1PM - 9PM  (holidays may affect these hours)                                                                                                                                                                       

We take tattoo appointments Sunday through Friday and reserve every Saturday for walk-in's.  We try our best to accommodate for walk-in's during the week.  You are welcome to call to check availability, however, we do not book appointments over the phone. Before we get you on the schedule, we need to figure out what you are looking to get tattooed in order to book an appropriate amount of time.   

The best way to book an appointment is to stop in any day except for Saturday and speak with our counter staff.  They can answer all of your questions and get the process started. If you are looking to book something that is larger or you need input from a specific artist, you may call the shop to set up a consultation. We recommend against doing scheduled consultations for things that are straight forward or smaller as we book a bit of extra time to go over drawings and make changes.  E-mail communication is limited, so if it is time sensitive or you would like to check availability, give the shop a call.    

Body piercing is available daily on walk in basis from 1-8:30PM excluding Monday and Tuesday from 1-2PM which we reserve exclusively for minors under 10.  These services are provided by appointment only.  

We kindly ask no minors allowed in the shop unless they are receiving a piercing service.  We love kid's, although we have to maintain a calm and quiet environment for our staff and clients.  We appreciate your understanding!  

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