Tattoo Information


Tattoo pricing is based on the specific piece you are looking to get done.  Factors that influence the price include size, design, color, placement, client's ability to sit well, as well as technical difficulty of the tattoo. Our shop minimum is $80, and go up from there.  To get an idea of price, just stop in to the shop and chat with our counter staff.  They can give you a price range based on your idea.  It is always helpful to bring in any reference images to help us understand better what you are looking for.   We can simplify or change your design in order for it to fit within your budget as well.  

We require a non-refundable deposit to book a tattoo appointment.  Deposits are based on appointment length ranging from $50 to $200.  Multiple appointments may be booked with one deposit, but it may not be applied until your last appointment.  

Tattoo Aftercare

Always wash your hands with liquid unscented antibacterial soap (Dial Gold) and water before touching your tattoo.

Leave your bandage on for at least 2, but no longer than 24 hours.  (If you do not have a bandage, wash your tattoo after 2 hours.)

After removing your bandage, gently wash the tattoo with antibacterial liquid soap and hot water.  Use only fingertips, no washcloths or abrasive materials. 

Let your tattoo air dry or pat dry with a paper towel and apply a very thin layer of ointment after washing.  We recommend Aquaphor or Aquatat for the first 3-5 days.  Wash your tattoo 2-3 times daily and apply ointment 3-5 times daily.  If the tattoo looks wet or dirty, wash it, let air dry and apply  a thin layer of ointment.  If the tattoo looks dry or flaky apply a thin layer of ointment. Never use bacitracin or vasaline.   

After 3-6 days your tattoo will start to peel and flake like a sunburn with ink colored skin.  At this point, you can replace the ointment with an unscented lotion, such as Cetaphil or Aveeno, for the remainder of the healing period.

Typically a tattoo takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to heal.  This varies from person to person. 

Be mindful of your new tattoo, it is an open wound during the healing process. 

Do not over apply lotion, this will close off your skin and prevent it from healing properly.

Do not pick or scratch your tattoo during the healing process, it can pull ink out of your skin and your tattoo will require repairAvoid direct sun exposure for one month.  After the healing process apply sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher when in the sun to help your tattoo age well.  Sun exposure will fade your tattoo over time

Do not soak or submerge your tattoo until it is completely healed.  No lakes, pools, hot tubs, baths, etc.  Showering is okay.  

Please use common sense if you are advised to follow different aftercare methods other than those listed above.  Be aware there are many products on the market that can slow healing and/or promote an allergic reaction. 

Feel free to call us and discuss your options before switching aftercare methods or if you have any questions. 

Contact a healthcare professional at the first sign of infection.


 Put clean sheets on your bed after getting tattooed, the ink may stain your sheets and dirty sheets harbor bacteria.

You may ice your tattoo, but it is not required.  This is more common with wrists and ankles.  Put a thin layer of ointment over your tattoo and then cover with saran wrap.  Do not put an ice pack directly on a healing tattoo.  Wash well after icing.

Leave the bandage on for a minimum of two hours, unless instructed otherwise.  Do not leave your bandage on for over 24 hours.

Wash your hands thouroughly with soap and water before touching your new tattoo.

After removing your bandage, gently wash your tattoo with unscented antibacterial soap (Dial Gold) and warm water using only your fingers.


Tattoo Appointment Policy

Consultations require a refundable $50 deposit.  Tattoo appointment deposits range from $100 to $2r0 depending on the length of appointment booked and are non-refundable. The deposit will be deducted from the final session of the tattoo.

TATTOO DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.  If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment you must call at least 48 hours before your appointment during normal business hours.  The more notice we have the better.

CONSULTATION DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDABLE WITH PROPER NOTICE. Consultation deposits ensured we are booking clients that are serious about getting tattooed. If the client and artist are not on the same page at the consultation, the deposit can be refunded. If the client cancels at least 48 hours prior to the consultation appointment, during business hours the deposit is refundable. If the client chooses to book an appointment, an additional amount will be required to book a tattoo appointment and the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Failure to reschedule or cancel less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment will result in the deposit being forfeit to the artist.
If a deposit is  forfeited or applied prior to finishing a multiple-session tattoo, another deposit will be required to book future appointments.  If a client doesn't not call or show up for an appointment, the deposit amount is doubled to book future appointments.

We do not schedule tattoo appointments over the phone.  You may set up consultations over the phone, but we recommend you stop in to book an appointment to streamline the process.  

Our artists draw the night before or day of your appointment so they are tattooing something that is fresh in their mind.  They also have less projects to focus on at once this way. When you come in for your tattoo appointment there is time to make any small changes necessary before getting tattooed.  If you want to change your idea, that may change your appointment length, so let us know as soon as possible if the entire idea has been changed.  


Leviticus is open 1PM to 9PM daily. We try to accommodate walk-ins as time permits during the week, but reserve Saturday exclusively for walk ins.  Smaller, fairly straight forward tattoos are best candidates for our walk in day.  In order to get tattooed you must have a valid, government issued, photo ID. By law we can not tattoo minors, even with parental consent.


Shop Policy

Minors are not allowed in the shop unless they are receiving a service.

Do to the limited space available, we ask that clients have one person with them in the tattoo area at a time.  Clients are welcome to bring more than one person and have them take turns in the tattoo area.

Please keep voices down and conversations respectful.  Our artists are working and our clients are trying to keep their mind occupied.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Stop in anytime during our normal business hours any day except for Saturday.   Bring any references you have or feel free to look through our books filled with various designs as well as the plethora of flash art all around the shop.  Our staff can help find other reference books from our huge library in back to assist you in finding exactly what you are thinking.  Reference images are extremely helpful in this process by providing a point of reference, words can be too open to interpretation without a frame of reference. We can talk about the placement, size, design, color and other pertinent details and schedule an appointment for you.  Not all appointments require consultations with that particular artist, but we prefer that you stop in to the shop to book an appointment.  A few references photos and notes from our counter staff  will show the artist what you are looking for and they will have something ready for you when you come in to get tattooed.

What is your availability?

We leave every Saturday open for walk-ins.  Sunday through Friday, we try to accommodate any walk in's we can depending on our appointment schedule.  Feel free to call the shop to double check availability before you head down.  Booking an appointment will always require you to stop in to the shop prior, unless you are doing a walk-in. 

How much will my tattoo cost?

Everything is priced individually based on a combination of size, placement, color, and well other specifics.  We only give price quotes in person so we can go over all of the pertinent information to give you an accurate price quote.   We can cater to your budget within reason by simplifying design and/or changing placement.

Do I need to schedule a consultation?

Our counter staff is available for consultations on a walk in basis every day except for Saturday.   If it is a larger piece like a sleeve, or full backpiece, we may need to schedule an additional consultation with the artist, but the best way to get the process started is to stop down and talk to us.

Can scars and moles be covered with tattoos?

It is dependant on the scar or mole.. With scars if it is at least a year to two years old we can tattoo over it.  You will always be able to see the difference in the skins texture but the scar  won’t be as noticeable.  There is a chance that the scar will not hold the ink well so it could turn out lighter.

How do I have an artist draw a tattoo for me?

When you come in to schedule a consultation we will take notes and get all of the details we need from you.  Those are then given to the artist and they typically draw up your tattoo the night before or day of your appointment.  Drawings are not available prior to your appointment as you could take the artwork elsewhere to get tattooed.  This also helps our artists  to focus on one piece at a time rather than tattooing a design that they drew a week ago.

How much is required for a deposit?

We take a $50 - $200 deposit depending on appointment length.  It is non-refundable, non-transferable, and will be applied to your last appointment.  If you fail to  reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment the  deposit will be forfeited to the artist.   If a deposit is forfeited or you use it before your last session, you will need to put down another deposit to schedule an appointment.

Are there age restrictions for tattoos?

Minnesota state law prohibits anyone under 18 to be tattooed regardless of parental consent.  If you are 18 or older, the state requires a valid, government issued ID to be presented at each tattoo appointment.  We do not allow minors in the shop unless they are receiving a service. 

What sterilization procedures are used? 

We use single use, sterile needles for every tattoo.  The tubes, which hold the needle inside of the machine, are first put in an ultrasonic to aid in removing the ink then, scrubbed, then packaged individually and put into an autoclave.  We use a Tuttenhauer EZ11 to  heat the tubes to 240 degrees for 30 minutes.  This sterilizes them inside of a package that can be opened when the artists is setting their station up for each client.  The station and all the equipment that can not be autoclaved is sanitized with Opti-Cide 3 which is the same disinfectant used in hospitals and dentist offices.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash and all major cards except for American Express.  We charge a 2% transaction fee on all electronic forms of payment.  We do not accept checks.

What is the touch- up policy?

We offer complimentary  touch ups for tattoos within six months, excluding those on the hands, feet, inner lips, and areas that are more prone to ink falling out due to placement. If you are planning to get another tattoo by the same artist in the near future, it is encouraged to combine a touch up with your next appointment.  Touch ups required due to improper aftercare are not always complimentary.  Stop in to the shop if you have questions.